Arabs' Got Talent

1/14/2010 Bassima Alansary 0 Comments

Evening my dear diary.

I just watched the first season of Arabs' Got Talent show, finally they make a copy for Arab people, thank you MBC 4.

the show was great, but there must be a but, I did not like that is most of the contestants performed western talents! the first  competitor was a girl from Lebanon, she performed Michael Jackson's dance, she speaks with full confident: "I am the only girl in the whole world who dance like Michael, even the western girls can't do his dance". Of course  her  dance was awful, and the judges kicked her out of the competition, Thank God.

and then there were dance group, a Rap singer, jumping boys form Kuwait, and my best boy Essam Bashiti, he is from Palestine, he read an amazing poem had been written by his father, when he finished my tears was about to drop down, and the judges' tears, too. he was accepted in the show, who would say NO to him!!! he gets three yeses immediately. I really wish him the best luck.

Enough talking about Arabs' got talent show, I may write about it next Friday.

it was raining yesterday at the afternoon, it was light shower but very lovely I hope it will rain every week, then the summer maybe will be less hotter.

I couldn't go to my family yesterday, my husband wanted to take me in the morning but I was too lazy and sleepy so I told him "honey, come and sleep with me". hehehe

I was planning to take off my body hair, and have deep bath, I will do it tomorrow morning in sha allah.

good night my dear diary.

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