Wealth Is Health

9/03/2014 Bassima Alansary 0 Comments

#100HappyDays Challenge - Day 3

Hello Happy reader,

I hope you are well, and doing great :)

   Yesterday, my mother in law went for walk with her daughter, they walked for about an hour and came back, today at breakfast she was very tired her knees and bones are aching she was in such anguish.

   Realising how weak and fragile she'd become  brought back such dreadful memories, and made me thankful and appreciating the wellness I am blessed with.

   Being quite sound and young are the most valuable gifts in my life, every day passes I grow older and there is no way of living that day again at all. Before my mother's death I've never thought of cancer as a real killing illness, it was something I often learn about in some awareness reports, or hear someone mention it now and then, I've never encountered with a person struggling with cancer.

   However, my mom was ill, she kept getting weaker and pale and no one told me she was fighting with this life sucking disease, until one day I read some of the hospital reports that were in her closet.

   I read the most disturbing, terrifying, and shocking tow words in my life "Throat cancer", when I asked her is that true? why didn't you ever tell me? there must be something to do, she looked affectionately at me "there is no time, I am dying, you must not tell your siblings" she declared, I saw horror, sorrow in her eyes, and it was palpable she is departing this life, she tolerated this fact because "there is nothing we can do".

   A few months later, my mother passed away and left us, the scar of her leaving will never heal, and she will forever be alive in my heart.

  Lastly, if you and your family are healthy and in a good shape be thankful and happy for that.

 I am happy because I am aware of how important being well and healthy.

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