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Writing Challenge: A Mistake I Used To Make

6/04/2013 Bassima Alansary 3 Comments

Greetings  Blog friends, today I am taking a part in the writing challenge by Tara Benwell on the Englishclub website. 

I used to have a very bad English accent, my R sound was very heavy, and it was hard for me to pronounce words like "train, rain, Spain", also I never knew the difference between "B and P".

All that is from the past now, and how I did it? It was simply by listening to the Radio as much as I can.

I used to listen every day while I am surfing the internet, and when I go to bed, or when I am in the kitchen, it was hard at the beginning but after a few months I really loved listening to the radio and it helps my pronunciation a lot.

I wrote about my listening experience last year and you can find the post here.

Thanks a lot. and bye for now :)  

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  1. Hello! Thank you so much for taking this month's blog challenge! I truly enjoyed reading this and I hope many of our members come to check out your blog. The #1 tip I give to English learners is to listen to English as much as they can. They often say they want to improve their speaking, and they don't realize how important it is to listen. Your story about learning English and educating yourself is so inspiring. Thank you!!! (I will share a link to your post on my blog so that our members can find it.)

  2. Hello Tara, Thank you so much to stopping by and tweeting about my blog it means a lot to me, I am glad you've found my entry useful.

  3. It's great that you added audio to your blog! I always encourage MyEC members to do this. Maybe they will be inspired by your post!