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5/30/2013 Bassima Alansary 0 Comments

     Hello there, so it is summer time which means the end of the school season, Whooo!  some of you are graduating from primary school, middle school, and others from high school, well congratulations to all of you out there, you really don't know how lucky you are. I frankly envy you.

As for me it was the dream of my life to see myself going through school stages and invite my friends to my graduation party, but my life has taken another path though I am not complaining because I don't yet know what the future holds for me .

When I was a little girl my family could not get me into school due to immigration problems and the lack of important official documents like my birth certificate etc...

I spent my childhood watching my neighbours's girls go to school every day, I remember that I used to stand at our door and watch them going, some go by car, others go walking, I tell you it was hard for little Bassima seeing this every morning.

But the hardest thing for me has happened only once. One day my aunt was going out to buy some grocery stuff, she asked if I wished to accompany her. I agreed promptly, it was around 11am, so off we went to the supermarket.

 We finished shopping and I was helping her by carrying some bags for her. As we neared the house I saw a bunch of girls toddling towards us.

 I recognised them immediately; they are my friends, they live around my house, at that moment I really wished that God would open a hole in the ground so I could jump into it and hide my face.

 I didn't want them to see me carrying shopping bags instead of a school satchel.

So I handed my aunt her dreadful shopping bags and tried to hide my clothes under my cloak. however, as they passed us I knew they saw my lack of school uniform and they looked at me and I saw pity in their faces :(.

So, from that day until now I've never forgotten the girls' look, and how I felt such embarrassment, I hated myself, and I wept oceans of tears at that night, it was an awful sensation.

I believe that this scar has sculpted my personality and the way I act now, it really hurts me that I am 25 years old now and only two weeks ago I got my first certificate from "Adult education" which equals primary school.

It is three years since I entered this program which is only the first step toward my big dream. 

I am glad that it is over now, and I will spend the next three years studying at home to get the Middle school certificate, then another three years to gain High school. 

fingers crossed and I hope I won't die before this time.

on the left is my brother he is 12 years old, he has graduated from 6th grade this year, so I feel like 12 again :)

Bottom line, perhaps in a few years I'll post here telling you about my prom night and how wonderful it was.

 until then wish me good luck because I really need it. Xoxo

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