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The Power Of Listening

5/28/2012 Bassima Alansary 0 Comments

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 Whenever you ask someone about the most important aspects of learning English they will probably tell you to read, write, listen and speak. No one can deny the importance of these abilities; however, most of students concentrate on building their vocabulary and improving grammar skills by reading and writing.

On the other hand some might find it too difficult to communicate with others by speaking, a bunch of students wonder why their friends who are very poor at English Grammar and writing are much better than them in speaking and communicating with people.

Therefore, they ask the common question for English learner how I can improve my speaking skills. What is the best way to get a beautiful clear accent?

Obviously, there is no magic solution or an instant remedy to voice your thoughts fluently and without hesitation.

To improve your speaking skills you must start from the very beginning by listening to English Radio Stations.

Some students might lower the importance of listening to these radio stations. However, they should know that native speakers have unusual accents that can be very hard to understand. With the radio stations, they will get the chance to listen to daily conversations so they can add a great listening experience to their English practice.

On the radio, you will listen to variety of topics and different people every day therefore you will be getting more vocabulary and better understanding of the language. 

When you decide to start listening to the radio stations it won't be as smooth as you were expecting, this means you ought to take some steps aimed to make the listening progress simpler and more convenient, this way you can learn the language more quickly without missing the fun part. 

Following my suggestions should make the listening process much easier. First pick up a program that its subject interests you, it could be about politics, gardening, cooking, athletics, or humour; make a vow that you will listen to the program everyday. 

During the listening pay attention to the host expressions and the way he discusses the subject issues every day. Also, try to repeat some words and idioms that you heard on the radio and look them up in a dictionary, if you are not sure how to write them, speak them in Google translator using your mic. 

Note that it is highly recommended to record the programs and listen to them over and over to improve your English level, it is better than listening to something new every time.

Apart from focusing on chosen programs,  listening to the music that played on  the radio stations can be very useful, try to understand the lyrics and sing the song along with the singer. In addition, Drama series on radio stations are a nice way to enjoy listening to  the radio and to get better accent by trying lip-sync the actors' dialogues.

Learn English as babies learn the language the more time you spend on listening the more speaking skills you will achieve, do not get frustrated if you cannot understand every single word you listen on the radio.

Listening to radio  gives you the best chance to learn English from native speakers without travelling to their countries.  Getting access to radio stations is very easy nowadays you can listen from your mobile, laptop, car, or your tablet.

Listening to English radio stations is a fantastic idea to improve your English and to have a lovely clear accent, so without any further ado check out the links below the article and start your journey to the best English learner zone. :)

Useful Links:
English Pronunciation Podcast

My favourite programs on the BBC radio four:
15 minute drama.
pick of the week (every Sunday).

Thank you Jola for correcting my mistakes.

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