Romantic Trip

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     Hello good fellows... welcome to another post in my blog Bassima equals smile =).

     In today's blog I am going to tell you about the trip to Jeddah city I went with the nicest guy ever my husband <3. First of all we had very stressful times in the last two months, it started with me on January feeling a tremendous pain in my left side and after going to the hospital the doctors' diagnosis was that I have a ureteral stone, then I had a surgery, it cost loads of money all this happened alongside my husband's half term exams, we were extremely busy dealing with these abrupt calamities, and my husband got bad marks in the exams so we seemed to be stuck in a rut. Long story short; after we repair our money situation, I decided it is time to stop getting stale and go for a chill out. 

     We planned to go down to Jeddah city to stay two days there, on Monday nineteenth of March I bookmarked at a nice hotel near by the beach, I've done the research about the best restaurants around the beach, and phoned my friend who lives there to ask her about where I should go shopping for a cheap good clothes.

     We set off our trip early in the morning at about eight o'clock, on that day the weather was so strange it was dusty the sun was looking like a moon because of the dust. On the highway my husband had to drive carefully because of the visibility wasn't clear but it was fine, I taped a short video for the road here see how the it was dusty, I felt like we were driving in the middle of the mist.

     At 9am we arrived in Jeddah, first we headed to the pain clinic because my husband had an appointment there, after that I called the hotel to let them know we are coming, we didn't know where the hotel exactly is so we used Nokia maps for the first time against my husband willing because he doesn't trust technology. Around 11 am we got at the hotel hungry and sleepy, we ordered  breakfast it was good and fill our empty stomachs. After having brunch we watched the news on the television, and then in the afternoon we took a nap.

     At four in the afternoon we left the hotel and went to the beach, as I said before the weather was dusty, there weren't too many people at the beach, the sea waves were calm and there is no sound of the currents at all. We stayed there sipping hot coffee and cracking nuts, and of course we had a long wife and husband gossip!

      When the darkness fell on the beach we decided to go walking, we walked slowly until we reached our car, then we went to the restaurant at about 8 pm. The place was highly recommended by one of my husband's friends, its name is Yeldizlar Restaurant (The stars restaurant), it is Lebanese place, and they serve tasty Arabian dishes. The overview of the restaurant was lovely and the light spots were soft and their lighting fell on the tables in a delicate way. The smells were nice also.
     After I had the yummiest dinner ever, we had ice cream for pudding, then we took a taxi and headed to the shopping mall, we got back to the hotel after midnight around 2 am I reckon. We stayed awake till the daylight, and then we slept.

      In the afternoon we finally woke up, I had to back up our stuff, and my new clothes, then we dashed towards the beach, the vision was getting clearer that day so we spent the time wandering around and looking to people fishing there, we took many photos there, then we bought shrimp sandwiches for lunch and they were freaking moist and delicious!

2nd day in the afternoon

2nd day in the afternoon
     At 4 pm it was time to say goodbye to Jeddah and its dusty beach, and go back to Mecca, we drove home happy and delightful. The purpose of the trip was successfully accomplished and we still call the memories of those two days till this very day, I am so lucky to have a man like my husband who desire to do anything just to see me happy and satisfied, so to you my dear husband: Whatever life may bring to us I will always love you.  

     Note: I write these blog posts to improve my English writing, so please do not hesitate to correct my mistakes.

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