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How I learnt English.

2/24/2012 Bassima Alansary 4 Comments

     I ran into learning English to save my brain and soul from getting lost and going down, first it was like a saving rope to occupy myself to forget about  my mother death and all the problems I had in 2009, now I am really glad that I climbed that rope because learning English became everything in my life.

Is it possible to learn English on your own?

     Yes, of course. I learnt English at home through the Internet depending on myself and the help I got from my online friends. If you really desire to learn the English language you have to follow these three steps first:  1- true intention to learn, 2- continuity, 3- be patient.

How I started learning English?

     I started learning English in the end of 2009; I had no idea at all about the language so I had to start with the Alphabet, numbers, common conversations, and the names of the things around me.  Then I started to search online for the best way to learn English at home, it took me a long time but I found many useful tips about the best way to learn English, I also got lots of good free resources, groups and websites. After about three months I fell in love with ENGLISH though I was at the very beginning steps, but don't you agree that love what you are doing is the best way to go through it.

     In 2010, I knew exactly what shall I do to start developing my learning processes, I focused on listening to English dialogues and programs on radio, TV, and my phone as much as I can, this step is very important I can't even tell how much it helps me listening to English almost all the day every day, I got to use to the "tune" of English sounds, and gradually I begun to catch some words though I don't understand them. Besides listening I was reading daily simple conversations and short stories, here are the first websites I used for listening and reading:

1- For listening I choose BBC radios because I decided to follow the British accent, I used to listen to BBC world news radio but later on I found that BBC radio four is best because it has variety of good multiple programs. My advice to you is to turn on the radio on the live stream and listen to it but don't bother yourself to understand only LISTEN:

2- For reading simple dialogues I signed up in Livemocha website, it is a very good and useful place to start learning from, they have four courses for free, each course has 5 lessons, in a lesson you will listen to forty sentences, and review them, then you will have to do some exercises in writing and speaking, if you finish these steps you can move on to the next lesson, and the good thing in this website that its members are able to see your submissions and correct them for you, they also can rate your work.

Free ESL stories is  very good for beginners, I read most of the short stories there.

Foreign language vocabulary is very good to learn new vocabularies

BBC learning English website helped me very much, especially The Flatmates section.

 What to do next?

    As I read on the internet the best way to remember what you have learnt is to review and practice, for me it was very hard to start practicing with other people and students, I was afraid and terrified of the idea of typing to others in English, what if they laugh at me? What if they make fun of my writing, what if they hate on me? And all these crazy questions, I remember first times I typed to someone in English my fingers were quivering which made it hard to type the right letters, but I forced myself to type and chat with my friends on MSN, and after a while I moved to Skype, then on a good website called Sharedtalk, it is a language exchange network I used it for chatting, and later on talking when I got the courage to speak to people.

Here is its link:

Nowadays I always practice writing by chatting on Skype with my friends, or in English learning groups, I learn everyday from correcting my mistakes.

How I look up the new words?

     For the new vocabulary I first look them up in the dictionary, and listen to the pronunciation, then see their translation in my language, finally I try to write them down and remember how to spell them, here is the websites I use for looking up the new words:

How I say, very good for pronunciation, it is a treasure never loses it.

These days  I only use Cambridge and Google translator.

What is my daily routine?

     I Read books with friends on regular pieces every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday in my own reading club on Skype. I listen to my favourite programs on BBC radio four, the news quiz, and the Archers. I write blog posts to improve my writing skills. I chat on Skype and correct my mistakes.  I watch interesting videos on YouTube, and here are the links of my favourite channels there:

Misterduncan's Channel, for learning English, he has very funny and useful video lessons

Shaytards's channel (daily vlogs)

The fine bros's channel (films & entertainment)

There are many more, but these are my top channels. This is almost what I do to practice and improve my English every day, if you would like to know about the books I read please view my previous post "Books are delicious".

Keep improving, never stop!

       It is been nearly three years since I started learning English and to be honest with you guys I never ever thought I'd write about my learning experience one day, I took Mr.duncan advice to think of English as a part of my body that I can't leave without it like my eyes or my tongue I would be miserable without them. Also my teacher Margaret one day said "any use of English is good", therefore I try to surround  myself with English everyday by reading books, listening to the radio, POP songs, and writing blogs, watching videos on YouTube, and recently I begun to use virtual worlds like Second Life, my point here is if you do different activities in learning English you will not get bored after a while because you do more than one thing, humans get bored easily so if you felt like that stop learning for a few weeks and rest your brain, then come back with new plans and more energy but remember never quit learning and destroy what you have been building for many years.

     English is a powerful language it is not only a way to communicate with others or to get a better job, it is an enormous gate to knowledge and better understanding for the planet, it helped me to be an open minded girl and made my voice and thoughts reached to people in the other side of the world, it is really a fun and a great way to increase your vision about the mysterious world. When I think of myself now and before I realise and see how English changed me, I started learning on my own accord to run from my sorrows and sad notion but now I am very glad I took this path because the result of it is so wonderful and I am very eager to continue learning English because it is like the sea the more you drink from it the more you get thirsty. I am thirsty for more English; I intend to never stop learning English, and I hope you too will do the same my dear reader.

     Please write to me and share with me your story of learning English, did it change your life? I hope so.Thank you all for reading, and here is Mona's post about her own experience in learning English, please read her post and don't forget to leave encouraging comments after you read.

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  3. have a nice effort . God bless you