Dinner invitation

1/04/2012 Bassima Alansary 0 Comments

Wednesday 10/2/1433 AH

       So how did my day go today?
I had to get up early around 8 am, because Aosy and I were suppose to read , we read The Wheel on The School every Saturday and Wednesday at 9 am in the morning, so I woke up at 8 am and met Asoy at 9 am, we read three pages of chapter six, the reading was good, we finished at 10:30 am.

I had breakfast and did some house work, and then went to bed again until 2 pm in the afternoon.

yesterday when I was sitting on the ground, my book is on my knee and my red pen lay ready to mark the difficult words, and I was extremely busy preparing for today's reading while having some hot green tea I got an invitation from my friends she wanted me to have dinner at her house on Wednesday, so Today at 4pm I got ready and her son came and pick me up, she lives a bit far from my house like 30 minutes by a car.
I was at her house from 5pm until 1am after midnight, we really had such great time together, I helped her how to use the new mobile she bought recently, and fixed the Wi-fi in her laptop, and install WhatsApp software in her phone, she was quiet please with it, and I was glad I could help her.

I got home at 1am, then I talked with my husband, and after that I started my laptop, checked out my email, and had a little chat with Mr.Roger while I was typing this entry, he is going to see the dentist tomorrow, poor thing!

I must got to bed now because I am going to visit my grandmother tomorrow, so night night.

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