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Tuesday 9/2/1433 AH

     Hello World,
At every beginning of a new year people ask about "what you learnt last year?", and "what is your resolutions for the new year?". I saw these two sentences a lot in the past few days, and it made me happy and excited for the new year, because it made me flashed back at the passing year to think about my resolutions and wishes for 2011, fortunately I have them written in my diary on Friday 14 Dec, 2010, so l am going to go through them and check up on them.

1-  I want to Carry on learning English as possible as I can. (done)
I am proud that since I started learning English at the end of 2009 I never give it up, or distract myself by learning another language, so English is on the peak of my list! 

2- I want to Read every day at lest 10 pages. (undone)
umm, well I read last year but not everyday as I wished, I think the problem with me is that I am a visual person I find myself like to watch videos more than reading.
I've read few Arabic books, and in English I finished reading two books I think, I have a pile of books waiting to be read this year, but I'll focus on the English books only because I really want to take my English to a higher level.

3-  I want to Learn something new, and I am thinking to learn how to use the Excel application. (undone)
well I bought a CD for Excel tutorials but I never bother to unpack it :/, I hope when I learn Maths very well I might be eager to learn this application. (I hope so) 
however, I learnt how to build in Homewood, it is a 3D virtual world -like second life game-, it gives its residents the ability to create whatever they want, I learnt how to build a house, and I built two houses there, I also got an idea about making skins, clothes, and sculpted objects there, I enjoy working on this kid of application because I like designing and art though I am not a good artist! but I will be in the future.

That wasn't bad, right?? so for this year 2012 my resolutions are:

1- level my English up, I took an online test the other day, and my results wasn't that good, so by the end of this year I shall be on the advanced level.
2- I want to take more tutorials on Photoshop, and learn the basics about photography art.

so I got  two goals to concentrate on them for this year, it should be easy.

I want to mention something I believe it is worth thinking of "on-line friends", they are those strangers we meet almost everyday on the Net, they come from different backgrounds, countries, and religions, they have a variety reasons for using the Internet just like any person would have, anyway I've been using the internet for nearly 10 years now, I made friends on several forums, MSN, Skype, Facebook, and lately on SL, but the most important friends for are those I met on Skype when I started learning English, we gathered in one group for one reason "practising English", first we were just usernames chit-chatting in the group, but after 3 years now I can say they are mean everything to me, they accepted me for the person I am, and they helped with my English very well, at the beginning we were friends with benefits, but nowadays there some of my friends I can't imagine my life without  them, no matter where they live, no matter what religion they are, I LOVE them, and I am so delight and thankful I had the chance to be a part of their life.
I consider my on-nline friends as real friends because whenever I need tips, help, or even want just release the painful emotion I suffer from I find them listening honestly and willing to help as possible as they could. so from this entry I would like to send a huge thank to:

Margaret (UK), my online English teacher, my life never was the same after  we knew each other better, you mean a lot to me more than you think, you don't know how it is hard to think of something to write for you, you helpt me with my English more than any one could do, you've been encouraging me, and you believed in my talents, with you I am not afraid to tell you about anything because I know you never judge me, when I feel confused or lost about anything I always run to your IM  window because I am absolutely sure that you'll be there listening to me, and you'll do your best to help. I LOVE you Margaret and I hope someday we will meet in person, God bless you.  

Jola (Poland), though you think we are different, and we squabble most of the time about silly things, but I like you, and I hope we stay friends forever.

Detlev (Germany),  you are an honest man stay as you are, don't change a thing, thank you for being my best male friend.

Aljory (KSA), because we live in the same country I am really looking forward to meet you someday, I wish you all the best with your studies at the uni.

Mr.Roger (UK), thanks for listening to my grief and sorrow, I really felt better after that day I talk to you about my mother death.

Shizusan (Japan), I amazed by your  positive spirit, though you have hard responsibilities to your family, but you decided to look at the bright side, I always wait anxiously for our reading on Mondays, because you take it seriously and never miss a date unless you have an urgent situation, I learnt a lot from you, Thank you for reading English fairy tales with me. <3

Asoy (KSA), I met you in the last of the passing year though you told me we had met before in 2009, and we used to chat on MSN, I couldn't remember you at all, so I am thanking you again for coming back because you are a wonderful girl, you are so sweet and lovely, I love how you gave up many things for the sake of your family, and I like your excitement to learn English, a month ago you was just a name in my contacts list but today I have your phone number, and we know a lot about each other, you and me are like sisters more than friends, I am glad I met you, and I hope we'll stay sisters till the last day of our lives. 

wow I am getting emotional looking at your names my dear friends, so in 2011 I am thankful for my good and honest friends, my best wishes to you for healthy, successful, and happy year, I wish all your dreams come true this year.

I am also thankful for my husband he is the best friend and hubby ever, we've been together for ten years now, he always has been here for me, encouraging, advising,  and looking after me, I know I make him mad almost everyday, but no matter how we are angry or mad at each other we promise to not go to bed with problems and this plan had really worked.

I don't have anything else to type, I want to wish a good year for everybody on this planet.

night night.

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