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1/02/2012 Bassima Alansary 0 Comments

      Monday 08/02/1433 AH
well it is Monday the second day of the new year, yesterday I couldn't sleep early I was tumbling in my bed until 3AM in the morning, when I realised I won't sleep, I pulled myself out of the bed and started my laptop.
I didn't start my Skype I took an English online test instead of chatting or watching videos on Youtube as I usually do, the test took me an hour to finish it, my scores were 35 out of 50, and my level is higher now, I was please with the result at the first sight, because I thought I will be on the advanced level due to the hard work I did this year especially on the reading part, I've been reading many articles and books with Shizusan, Asoy, Jola, Detlve and other friends during the last year.

however I showed Margaret the result, she thinks it is alright but she advised me to focus on prepositions and the phrasal verbs, she said I mix them, and I rather copy other's people mistakes a lot!
Margaret also sent me some Grammar books, she said if I read a page per a day, I can finish the book by the end of this year.

About 7:30am I finally went to bed, and I slept and slept and slept and slept until two o'clock in the afternoon, when I got up I did the same boring routine wash my face, brush my teeth, have breakfast or lunch whatever its name it is food!

I am writing this entry around 8pm in the evening, today I determined to blog about the new year and what I learnt in 2011, but I haven't start yet, instead I listent to David Copperfield's play on BBC radio 4 extra, and chatted about it with Margaret about Dickens writing style in ELIP group on Skype, I also logged in SL and have a little chat with Jola at her skyboxs..
so I am thinking I should stop typing now and go and fetch a cup of green tea, then start typing about the new year and my resolutions for this brand new year, I hope I won't distract myself by something else.

night night everyone :)

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