My Visit To Fakieh Aquarium

9/17/2013 Bassima Alansary 0 Comments

     Hi there Blog friends =)

It has been a while since I have posted here; I know I am a terrible blogger but my excuse that writing after a long period is better than giving up the whole blog thingy, right?

Today blog is sort of a diary; I want to share with you what I've seen in my last visit to Jeddah city, I often go there because Jeddah is an open minded city! Yes I feel more freedom there, and it is always busy and noisy at night, and I adore city life and busy streets.

My husband took me there about 3 weeks ago, we spent three days, and on the last day we went to Fakieh Aquarium, it is the first one in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia. I was anxious to go there because I've seen some videos and photographs of it on Instgram.

And for you out there who don't know what does "
Aquarium" mean, here is a brief definition:

a building where fish and other water animals are kept for people to visit.

Container :
a glass container filled with water that fish are kept in.

see my post is not pointless after all, you have learnt a new word!

Well, for me it was the first time that I ever visit such a place, it was amazing, and I felt like I am diving underwater especially when we walked through the shark tunnel.

I filmed most of the fish containers there, because we arrived in the afternoon the building was almost empty and we took our time there with no rush at all.

The only negative things about Fakieh Aquarium that it is not long, it took us about twenty minutes to walk in the whole building.

 And the tickets are a bit too much 50SAR per a person, even for toddlers, and it doesn't give you access to the dolphins shows you have to pay another 50 SAR if you want to attend it.

However we were not too excited to see the show, so we skipped it, and when they started we were out sipping green tea in the cafe, and the show lasted only for like 20 minutes.

Well, I made a seven-minute video of what I have seen there, it is my first try to edit videos on Windows Movie maker, I think I did pretty well and I am happy about my little clip.

I will insert it here for you to watch what Bassima had seen at Fakieh Aquarium in Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia. 

Thanks for reading and watching, and hope to see you very soon. xxx

P.s: I write these blogs to improve my writing skills, please don't hesitate to correct my mistakes, thanks in advance.

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