I Can Read

9/02/2014 Bassima Alansary 0 Comments

#100HappyDays Challenge - Day 2

Good evening happy friends. 

   I truly feel happy and lucky when I say "I can read", it might be an absurdity to state that nowadays, because in this modern world  - almost - everyone can read, an illiteracy is not a widespread problem anymore.

   Nevertheless, I was very close to be uneducated person, and that was for some silly conflicts I talked about before in my Prom Queen post.

   However, with my father help I started to learn at about 9 years old, first it was really hard and I didn't feel excited because well I was studying at home.!

   Years passed, today I am 26 years, and my life revolves about reading, books, authors, and booksfair, I never studied a school book in my childhood nor carried a heavy satchel. My family, friends, and fellows always come to me when they need an urgent literary essay for school, or anything related to writing.

   It makes me happy when I tell someone "I've never been to school", and see how they react, the "how?, why? really?" astonished questions often make my day, but inside me it emphasized my sensation that I'm an abnormal individual.

   Anyway, I'd prefer to be abnormal, and unusual rather than living life in darkness and never catch the sunshine of  knowledge.

I am a happy I can read, and they say: 

"a person is never old to learn."

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