9/21/2010 Bassima Alansary 0 Comments

  Hello my dear diary, it is half past twelve at midnight, I am sitting on my chair, chatting with my friends on Skype, and my husband is watching football game on the TV, an active midnight live huh?

I started my day by getting up at 7am and helping my husband to go to work, then fell asleep again hahahahah!

at 11am I got up again with more energy, then I had some very quick breakfast, hmm actually I would not call it "breakfast" it was just a glass of orange juice!.

anyway, I did a laundry today, I washed all the clothes in the basket, oh not all but I left some need to wash by hand.

at 40:30pm, my sister in law  and I took a taxi to the school, the principal office was in the third floor, when I got there I was quite tired but I found unexacting thing!!
do you want to know what was?? there was no CHAIR to sit on it at the assistant principals' desk, so I carry on standing in front of her desk while she's reading my application :@

after I finished, and they accept me in the school, I asked the woman: "Is there no chair for me?" "Pardon me" she replied, " I mean I am tired and there is no chair to sit on it at your desk, and that is uncomfortable" I said, "..............." no reply at all! then she says" good bye, and come on Saturday at 3:00pm"..

this conversation were in the principal office and she was about to go, so we walked together going downstairs, she was toward ahead." did you see that!! We were so tired and there is no chair" I said to my sister in law. unlucky the principal heard my words, so she waited for me on the stairs until I was near by her. " I am the PRINCIPAL" she exclaimed. "yes!" I replied, "If you don't like the school, you can go to other one, I am the BOSS, and I can kick you out of here" she spoke loudly!, " oh no, I like your school, it is convenient, BUT you have to be less sensitive" I answered!, "good bye" she said, and we walked out together!

I do hope I will not be kicked out of the school, it is the nearest school to my home.

I spent most of my time thinking about this woman, and her words: " I am the PRINCIPAL", in fact most of people.... be right back,I've to eat something...

back, so where were am I? yes I remembered but I will talk about it later when my English become much better! I promise

I am so enthusiastic about being a student at school in the first time of my life, I ask God to make everything easy and good for me, because he only knows how much I want and need to study.

my husband is exited about this too, he told me that he was waiting for this day a long time ago!

I guess we will go shopping tomorrow, I have to buy a school uniform, bag, pens, and comfortable shoes. :)


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