Free Mobile Calls!

9/22/2010 Bassima Alansary 0 Comments

11:49pm... my bedroom :)

     Today was the eighty-first  national day in Saudi Arabia, they gave us national holiday no one went to work, and the best thing is: CALLS ARE FREE! isn't it amazing.

I woke up at 11am in the morning.. then I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast while my husband was taking a shower.

after having tea and breakfast, my husband got an invitation from his uncle, he ask him to come and shear lunch with his family.

I chat with Margaret and asked her if she slept well yesterday, she told me "yes", but she still tired. I missed her Englsih lesson tonight, I forgot all about it because I was watching a film on the MBC 2 named "click" it is a funny movie I enjoyed watching it.

BUT it is really make me feel guilty to forget an English lesson because of a FILM!! I must punish myself.

Tomorrow is a weekend I will visit my family and have lunch with them, I will probably go in the morning around 10am, and my husband will pick me up in the evening then we will go shopping as we had plan.

well, I just called my sister and ask her to cook for me Mllowkhia, it is Egyptian dish made by a plant called corchorus, I love it, it's remind me of my dear mother.

I guess I had better stop typing and jump in my bed.

good night, and happy FREE CALLS to all people who live in KSA.

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