The Tale of binnorie with notes

11/19/2011 Bassima Alansary 0 Comments

Hello World Of English
 The tale of Binnorie is one of my favourite tales, I read it few weeks ago with my nice friend
Shizusan from Japan.
 click here to read the story.
 Here are the notes, I am sure they will help you to understand this English Fairy tale:

-         Woo, ing, ed (verb): to try to persuade someone to support you or to use your business.
"a political party trying to woo young voters"
-         plight your troth: to (promise to) marry.
-         Plot, ting, ted (verb): to plan to do something bad:
"They plotted to bring down the government."
Also means: to make marks on a map, picture, etc to show the position or development of something.
-         Heir (noun): a person who will have the legal right to someone's money and possessions when they die:
"He is the heir to a huge fortune."
-         Sink, sank, sunk (verb): to go down or make something go down below the surface of water and not come back up.
"During the first wave of attacks, they sank three enemy ships."
"My feet keep sinking into the sand."
"The sun sank below the horizon."
-         Hasten (verb): to make something happen faster than usual.
hasten to do sth: to hurry to do or say something
"I was not, I hasten to add, the only male there."
-         Hush (noun): a period of silence:
"A hush fell over the room."
-         Yonder (adverb): in that place or direction.
-         Snap (verb): BREAK: If something long and thin snaps, it breaks making a short, loud sound, and if you snap it, you break it, making a short, loud sound:
"The twigs snapped as we walked on them."
"She snapped the carrot in half"  (= into two pieces)
snap (sth) open/shut/together, etc: to suddenly move to a particular position, making a short, loud noise, or to make something do this:
"She snapped the book shut."
"The suitcase snapped open and everything fell out."
SPEAK ANGRILY: to say something suddenly in an angry way:
"I don't know what you mean," he snapped."
"I was snapping at the children because I was tired."
LOSE CONTROL: to suddenly be unable to control a strong feeling, especially anger:
"She asked me to do the work again and I just snapped."
ANIMAL: If an animal snaps, it tries to bite someone:
"The dog was barking and snapping at my ankles."

Keep an eye on my blog, I will add new notes very soon.

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