Knock..Knock Mommy Is Home!

10/11/2016 Bassima Alansary 0 Comments

Well hello you there, it's been ages since I've blogged something here and probably no one knew that this blog is ever existed. However I'm back and I'm so keen on keeping writing hooray!

The reason I'm back to blogging is because I kind of kept having an eerie sensation that always urged me to resume writing like it's a vital need, but I went on neglecting it until very recently I suggested to one of my friends why not start a blogging challenge for a whole year to improve our writing skills and as a motivation to continue writing.

She happily agreed and we invited another friend to join us, also we made a list of over 30 topics to blog about. 
I'm so eager beaver about the whole idea, and can't wait to start this exhilarating  new Journey with two of the best ladies in my world Ragad Allwihan and Enas Bakhsh.
here is our Blog Challenge list (we'll pick 2 topics for each month randomly):

  1. It's a new year,  how do you usually spend this day? 
  2. Challenge: 24h without looking at the mirror!
  3. A social phenomena you would change.
  4. Answer a question people keep asking you.
  5. Review: a book/ film/ report etc.. 
  6. Your childhood job.
  7. Helpful tool or resources you depend on.
  8. If you would have a supernatural power for one day What would be and what can you do?
  9. Discuss: ethics or religion?
  10. A letter to yourself in 10 years later.
  11. top 10 YouTube videos to you
  12. Give up something.
  13. What makes you watch a movie or read a book?
  14. Marriage life vs single life.
  15.  If you became a president, what would you change? 
  16. Share a recipe
  17. Your contribution toward our planet.
  18. A goal you set for the future and how did achieve it?
  19. Top 5 websites / people you follow on the internet.
  20. How did you start blogging? What motivated you?
  21.  If you can travel time, who would you meet?
  22. What women need to know?
  23.  Write a short story about yourself. (fiction or non-function) 
  24. A report: about an event you went / participate in it.
  25. How have you changed in 2 years?
  26.  If you going to be a Disney Movie, what is it and why? 
  27. Top 5 mottos of your life. 
  28. A tutorial on a software/ website, DIY, etc..
  29. A letter to people who visit Makkah for a first time
  30. Hardest time in your life, how it affected you?
  31. A list of: your favourite music/ films.
  32. Me time what you like to do.
  33. What makes long life friendship?
  34. A risk you took recently and did you gain or lost?
  35. Mind or heart? 
  36. A short story by your own.
  37. A list of: your favourite sayings/ proverbs/ quotes.
  38. Having a one way ticket where would you go?
I was kicking myself for not blogging all the passing months, but it is going to change from today. So stay tuned and keep writing.

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