I had a stone in my ureter.

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20/2/1433 AH
     Phew! this was a tough week really, I had a nice weekend on Thursday and Friday, and then on Saturday the pain journey started. I went to bed at 6 AM on Saturday, I slept until 1 PM in the afternoon when I felt some pain in my right side. I stayed in my bed for a while trying to ignore this feelings, but I couldn't, I felt like I'm going to throw up vomit if I didn't get up, I ran to the toilet and puked, this vomiting happened again and again for nearly three times, then my husband took me to the emergency room to the public hospital at about two thirty, when we got there they refused to take me in because we were in a hurry and forgot to take my identity card, we tried our best to make them agree to help me while my husband went to get the ID card but our attempts were in vain, so he had to go home and quickly fetch the ID card. After that they let me get into bed, but to my surprise they left me and no one bothered to come and have a look at me. At 4 PM my husband asked me if I could walk so we could go to a private hospital. I was moaning and groaning and begged him to take me anywhere but not here.
At 5 PM we arrived at the private hospital's emergency room and instantly they laid me down on the trolley, then the doctor immediately came and started to examine me. I am not good at medical vocabulary therefore don't wait for me to type exactly what they gave me and how they got rid of the pain, but in the end the doctor said I had problems with my gallbladder and gave me some strong antibiotics.
I got home at 7 PM I took my medicine and slept the rest of the night.

     The next day -Sunday- I was feeling better and had no pain at all during the day, I thought everything was alright but that was the calm before the storm, in the evening after I took my medicine, the pain started again, I begun to vomit all over again, I forced myself to sleep until about 11 PM, then I got up and drank apple juice, as soon as it touched my stomach I threw it up on the kitchen floor, my husband didn't know what to do, he quickly drove me to the biggest public hospital in the city. It is thirty minutes away from our house, we went there hoping they were going to help me immediately, but again, another shock they refused to take me because I am not a Saudi citizen. I have no right to come to this hospital, my husband went to the manager and begged him, he explained to him what I've been going through but he told him that they are not going to let me in even if I am dying, it is the law.
My husband came back to me in the waiting room, he hardly looked at me, I knew he was upset and about to explode, but he was holding himself together for my sake. It was really a gritty night. We got home again around 1 AM, I lay in my bed and every half an hour I vomited. My husband was frantically phoning the private hospitals to see if there was an opportunity to get an emergency surgeon or doctor, finally he found one but they said we must pay twelve thousands riyals for the insurance. Now my husband's face crumpled with anger and weakness, he was ranting and raving about this country's policy against non-citizen people and how they treat us like dirt, I tried to calm him down, I pretend that I feel a bit better now, so I asked him to focus on his exam tomorrow, I suggested that the best thing we can do is to be patient tonight, and wait until he finishes the exam in the morning, then we will go to the hospital, he finally calmed down and we agreed to postpone going to the hospital until he is done with the exam at 9 AM in the morning.  
We stayed awake the rest of the night he was reading and keeping an eye on me, and I was faking that I am deeply sleeping!

     On Monday my husband, two of his friends, and I went to the hospital, we first saw the doctor and he say I must have many examinations because he wanted to make sure that it was my gallbladder which was causing the pain. I had blood test, X-ray, ECG, and ultrasound sonar. In the afternoon I finished all these tests, then my husband paid five thousands riyals for the insurance. My room was on the 6th floor, I had scarcely got there, when the nurses put me in the bed and gave me the intravenous drip in my right hand. After that my husband went and brought his niece to be my escort there, then he left us to go home. I fell asleep until the evening when the doctor came to my room with a different diagnosis.
 The doctor said that I didn't have any problem with my gallbladder, but I have a small stone stuck in my ureter, he asked me to choose between waiting for it to pass away as I pass urine, or, they could smash it and get rid of it. I knew  I was too weak and couldn't stand the pain so accepted the second choice. The operation cost eight thousands riyals but my husband's boss kindly called him and offered to pay. I was really surprised when he told me that, I know his boss is a good lovely man and he likes my husband because he works very hard for them and he comes up with new ideas for projects usually, but I never thought he would pay this amount of money for him. I won't forget this generous man of what he did to us, and I wish him all the best in his life.

me in the elevator going to the operating room
     On Tuesday I had my operation in the afternoon, I got up at 5 PM, I found my father, my aunt and her daughter, my husband, and my sister, they were waiting for me to wake up, I happily wriggled my body in the bed to let them now I am OK and I can move, my father and all the family were overjoyed to see that I am awake and alright, I really felt happy when I saw all of them there surrounding me with love and care. 
The demon stone!

     On Wednesday I was able to eat without feeling I was about to vomit, the pain in my right side was gone. The doctor came to me in the afternoon and told me that I can go home tonight, so after we paid the hospital they let me go about 8 PM. the total cost was about 14,000 riyals, but we only paid 2,000 riyals or so, because my husband's friends and colleagues were too kind and noble by helping him, each one donated some money for us. Wa'el Al-Harthy, Mohamed Hassan, Tariq Dahlawi, and his manager Talal Abu Al-Noor who paid for the surgery. I am really thankful for these gentlemen and I appreciate their great help, they saved my life, without their help my husband and I would have lost all our saving and would have to borrow the money from other people. 

     On Friday, I got up at 11 AM in the morning, I had my breakfast and took my medicine, then I slept again until 4 PM in the afternoon, generally I felt SO MUCH better, I used to have a little pain when I went to the loo but this was gone.
My father, and my stepmother, my sister, and my little brothers visited me, they were surprised by the abrupt change. I was really in a good health and mood, I was talking and laughing as if I had no pain at all this week, they stayed for nearly two hours and then they left.

What I learnt?
     I can say that I learnt tow things this week
A: I had a clear vision about what true friends look like, I'll cherish what my husband's friend did for me because I believe saving my life is the most important thing to remember.
B: I will never forget what happened to me in the two public hospitals, and how they unmercifully kicked me out and refused to look at me, only because I am not a Saudi citizen though I was born in this country, they think of me as an ugly cancer that needs to be cut off the body! I learnt from what I've been through this week, that I have no future in this country at all, no matter how hard I try to fit in, they will always treat me as a piece of dirt. 
Life is very short on Saturday I was near death, then on Tuesday I had surgery, and tonight I am sitting in my room again in good shape carrying on my life as if nothing happened, I ought to be always positive and cherish what I have in the present, and I shall forget about the past because it is done and I am no longer living there.

     This what the life held for me this week, I have no idea what is going to happen next week but I hope after these dark days I'll see the bright side of life again.

P.S. : Thank you Mr.Roger for correcting my mistakes in this blog post.

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